55+ Communities

Exploring the Benefits in 55+ Communities

As you start exploring options for housing options for retirement and/or senior housing, you may want to consider a 55+ Community! 55+ Communities, also known as Active Adult Communities, are planned (sometimes gated) communities that feature a wide variety of amenities geared towards promoting an active and healthy lifestyle amongst their residents.

Common Amenities in
55+ Communities

  • Fitness Centers 
  • Swimming Pools 
  • Gardening Areas 
  • Covered Sitting Areas and Barbecues 
  • Organized Activities and Planned Day Trips 
  • Maintenance Free 
  • Pubs 
  • Restaurants 
  • Recreational Activities

Many 55+ Communities also allow pets such as dogs and cats with some limitations.

Our SRES agents at 55+ Real Estate Services have toured and visited most of the 55+ Communities in Pierce County. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you make the right decision for your next move. We also can assist you if you are thinking of moving out of state to a warmer climate such as Arizona, Las Vegas, or Florida or a state closer to family. We are here to help!

Types of 55+ Communities

There are a lot of different 55+ Communities with a wide variety of housing options and amenities for all different lifestyles!

Housing Communities

These communities have homes for sale that you purchase. You own the land and the home. They are normally rambler one-story homes with garages. These homes come with a monthly homeowners association fee that covers all maintenance, from lawn care and washing of the home exterior and windows to maintenance of the road, gate, and community areas. These communities are quiet and child free environment.


Apartment/Condo Style

One of the most common 55+ Communities are high rise apartments or condos. These homes tend to have 4-6 floors and are for the most part well-appointed with all the current updated appliances, flooring, walk-in showers, quartz or granite counters and vaulted ceilings and lots of windows.


Mobile Home Park

Some 55+ Communities are gated mobile home parks. In these communities, you own the home, but the land is leased and you pay monthly to live there, as well as property taxes, utilities, cable, etc. Part of the monthly payment covers maintenance of common areas such as parks, activity centers, the gate, and roads. Plan on your monthly fee to go up 5-10% every year. The manufactured home is considerably cheaper than a regular stick-built home.



You may have seen condos advertised for sale that look like a duplex with garages between the two adjoining units. Usually, the owner of these condos has chosen to sell each side and designate them as condo living – one-story with 2 car garages. Most are in gated communities with monthly association fees for maintenance of the road, lighting, and the gate. You may be responsible for the exterior of the home – so be sure to ask for the Rules and Regulations as well as the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&R’s). Whenever there is a Homeowners Association (HOA), it is important to make sure there are enough funds to maintain the property – otherwise they may be able to up your monthly fee substantially.



Something new here in Washington State is a 62+ Co-Op where you put money down and are part owner of the complex. In these communities, you pay a smaller month to month fee to live there and have a say on what happens and how it happens in the complex. Monthly fees cover everything including utilities, painting, and appliance repair/replacement (even if you need a light bulb changed – they will do it for you).