Downsizing Assistance

Downsizing is a cost-effective way to help regain your independence while getting rid of unnecessary clutter!

Why should I Downsize?

There are numerous reasons why you might need to downsize, including but not limited to:

  • Children leaving the family home 
  • A spouse or significant other passing away 
  • Health issues 
  • Too many stairs 
  • Feeling isolated from others 
  • Too much maintenance and yard work 
  • Finances becoming an issue

If you have recently experienced any of the above, it may be the right time to start considering downsizing and moving to somewhere that will better fit your needs.

Benefits of Downsizing

You’re in a big home now with rooms you don’t use, and you are heating those rooms that are also filled with stuff! You have 20, 30 years or more of memories in the rooms and garage you don’t use any longer. How did it ever get that way so fast?

As we age, we realize assets and owning things don’t matter as much – people do – and we all have so little time – why not enjoy it! Downsizing can help reduce clutter and save money, relieving stress and anxiety.

Downsizing can also give you more independence and freedom, allowing you to enjoy things like: 

  • Traveling 
  • Spending more time with grandkids 
  • Working more on hobbies you have been ignoring 
  • Making new friends

How to Get Started Downsizing?

While Downsizing may seem like a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be that way. One of the easiest ways to start downsizing is to begin with boxing up what you need to take with you. Getting rid of duplicate items, such as extra pots, pans, cookware, and utensils you don’t often use, is also an easy way to start downsizing as these are easy items to eliminate (you likely do not really need 30 bath towels).

Regardless of which room you start in, start slowly. Maybe do a room or cabinet/cupboard at a time. It will be fun to see what you find while downsizing. Take a picture of the items, keep one or two of the items, and donate or sell the rest. Call the family, give them a date to come and get what they want and if they don’t you know you can sell or donate to charity. Garage sales are good for selling tools and unnecessary power equipment such as lawn mowers.

Our SRES agents at 55+ Real Estate Services have plenty of resources and knowledge to help you with downsizing!

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