Downsizing Despite Disease: It’s Possible, and Safer Than You Might Think

Many of our friends and colleagues have expressed to us that they are concerned about starting the moving process due to COVID-19 safety precautions. We are here to help ease those concerns and explain what we are doing to protect our clients, community, and family.

Virtual Meetings:

We are available for most services via Zoom, to limit contact.

Office Safety:

Our office staff have their temperature checked daily, and we use masks and disinfect frequently. We have shields in place to protect our clients during meetings and enforce social distancing. All visitors to our office also have their temperature checked and we have plenty of hand sanitizer available! We log all visits to our office for contact tracing and reporting.

Virtual Tours:

Any home that we are helping a client sell features a virtual tour as a standard part of our marketing package. Many buyers are opting to do a virtual tour of a home, and are excited to be able to view homes in a safe fashion. We do a 3-D map of all homes that are marketed through 55+ Real Estate Services and encourage selling agents to use that prior to scheduling an appointment.

Safe Showings:

In order for a home to be shown to a buyer, realtors across the state all maintain high standards to ensure your and their clients’ safety.

Masks Required: All visitors are required to wear a mask.

Foot Coverings: All visitors must wear foot coverings.

Safe Transportation: Clients and agents are required to travel in separate vehicles to ensure compliance with social distancing protocols

Disinfectant: All surfaces are wiped down with disinfectant wipes following a showing.

Capacity Limits: Showings are limited to 5 persons with social distancing- this includes the agent!

Vacant Showings: You do not need to be home while your home is being shown, which allows you to stay safely away from potential germs.

Safe Community Tours:

We maintain a list of which senior living communities are offering in-person tours, which are offering virtual tours, and which have information available other ways to help you decide which option is best.

Choosing the Move Before the Move Chooses You:

During times like these, it’s important to consider moving before you are forced to do so. No one wants to go through the difficult process of moving and selling a home, but it becomes so much more difficult when issues such as difficult financial circumstances, medical necessity, or sudden changes piling on top of the stress and change associated with moving. We are here to help with this process and give you resources to simplify and streamline your moving experience.

Buyers are out there, and they’re desperate to buy YOUR home! Inventory is at a record low in the Northwest Multiple Listing Service (NWMLS), and buyers are more eager than ever to find their forever home. Interest rates are low, demand is high, and this means sellers have an incredibly favorable market.