Estate Sale Professionals

Get help sorting, pricing, and selling your extra belongings from one of our Estate Sales Professionals

Estate Sale Professionals

Like many, you have likely lived in your home for many decades and have decades of stuff to prove it!

Family members often do not want your miscellaneous collections, furniture, or other belongings. You already know what you want to take with you, but what do you do with all the extra stuff?

An Estate Sale (or selling your assets when transitioning and relocating from your long-time home) is a viable solution to this problem! An Estate Sale Professional can facilitate this by sorting, pricing, selling online, and physically auctioning your extra belongings for you. This leaves you free to do more of the important things.

Benefits of an Estate Sale Professional

At 55+ Real Estate Services, we have a vast network of professionals to assist you with the selling of your items including but not limited to:

  • Determining if you have enough salable items 
  • Sorting items 
  • Pricing items 
  • Advertising (online auction, physical auction, or both) 
  • Post-Auction Cleanup

Why Work with an Estate Sale Professional?

Estate Sale Professionals are experienced and know what items should be priced at. They will not ask you what you think something should be priced. This process can be emotional, and you may be too attached to a certain item to let go. Most of the time, you are not in the home when they are doing the sale or pricing.

Most Estate Sale Professionals will do a percentage with you from the sale or flat rate. It may take them a day or two to sort, price and set up and then another 2 – 3 days for the sale. You will have to consider additional needed time for clean-up and hauling away leftover items.

The best part for you and your loved ones is you do not have to do anything other than ensure items you are taking with you have been moved out prior to the sale. Estate Sale Professionals make the process simple and easy. Let us at 55+ Real Estate Services assist in finding the right Estate Sale Professional for you!

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