Home Maintenance Services

We have a large network of maintenance professionals ready to help you get Top Dollar for your home!

Part of Our Services

Maintenance repair handy man and contractor resources are all part of 55+ Real Estate Services if needed.

After living in your home over the years it is normal to have things that will need to be repaired or replaced before you sell. If you were to step outside and look at your home as if you were a buyer – would you buy your home again as it is? Take a critical eye and ask yourself if your home needs:

  • Paint 

  • Landscaping – too many weeds 
  • Bushes need trimming 
  • Moss removed from the roof 
  • Gutters cleaned 
  • Any obvious repairs or component replacements

In our competitive housing market, homes are moving fast with multiple offers in most situations for a great priced home that needs little work. Buyers are not looking for a fixer – unless they are looking to fix and flip. Buyers have a big expense when buying a home with a down payment, closing costs, and moving expense. If a home has very little repair needs, that is a plus.

Getting Top Dollar

What to repair before selling your home

Getting Top Dollar is usually the goal when relocating, especially if you or a loved one is going into a senior community. The proceeds from the home well help with the monthly expense to carry them for years.

Below is a list of common repairs, upgrades, replacements that are highly recommended for getting the most out of your home for sale:

  • Painting any bare wood exposed on the exterior 
  • Removal of moss from the roof 
  • Trimming any bushes in contact with the exterior siding 
  • Cutting grass and removal of debris 
  • Removal of any vehicles parked on the lawn 
  • Smoke detectors installed in all bedrooms 
  • Carbon monoxide detectors installed on each level 
  • Earthquake straps on hot water heaters 
  • Removal of any mold 
  • Repair of all leaks

We have a large network of Maintenance professionals ready to assist with any repair work your home may need in order to sell. It is our goal to ensure your transition goes smoothly and stress free.

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