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August 25, 2021 10-4

Pioneer Park Pavilion

We are excited to announce the first annual 55+ Real Estate Services Senior Housing Expo! We will be creating a one-stop solution for those considering downsizing, retirement, or right-sizing. 

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Wire Fraud: How We Keep You Safe

Wire fraud is a scary idea, and can leave you vulnerable to identity theft and loss of funds needed for your home purchase.

This is how it can happen:
– A hacker gains access to an email account (yours, your realtor’s, or an escrow officer’s)
– That hacker looks for clues that you’ll be receiving wire instructions.
– They send wire instructions that look legitimate, but actually would wire the funds to their personal account
– The consumer wires funds to the hacker, with no recourse

Here’s how we keep you safe:
– We ensure you have contact information for all involved parties
– We encourage open communication between agent, escrow officer, and client
– We maintain cyber insurance and protect all personal data to prevent any breach of your personal information

More information is available from Annie Fitzsimmons, Legal counsel for the Washington Realtors® Association. View this video to learn more:

Not Enough Listings to Support the Market?!

It’s no secret that the market is red hot right now, we’re shocked there are so few homeowners taking advantage of it! In Pierce county as of May, there are only enough listings to support the market for two weeks- fewer than 1500 homes are available for purchase. Without enough listings, buyers continue to enter bidding wars and homes continue to sell for well above asking price. The Central Puget Sound area which includes Pierce, King, and Snohomish Counties is also facing limited inventory. With prices like these, what are you waiting for?

Average Residential Home Price in May 2021
Pierce County: $570,110

Central Puget Sound: $865,741

Entire NWMLS: $764,497

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Independence Day

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