Relocation Assistance

From organizing to preparing your home for sale, we make sure your next move is easy and stress-free!

We will all face a point in our life when we need to downsize. There are many different reasons why people choose to downsize. Some will downsize to a smaller home because they do not need the extra space, whereas others may be going through a major life change, such as divorce or loss of a loved one.

Living in a home 20, 30, or 40 years is a difficult undertaking, especially given the fond memories and history associated with many long-time homes. Many are afraid and not sure how or where to move, but know they need to. Don’t let fear bar you from independence. Life was meant to be enjoyed, not spent on endless home repairs and yard work. Choose to move before the move chooses you!

Why Do I Need Relocation Assistance?

Moving can be overwhelming. Shedding items you do not need and cleaning house so to speak, will open the door to more freedom and independence. Physical limitations can limit your ability to handle much of the moving on your own. Maybe there are too many stairs, the yard requires too much maintenance of yard work, or the home is too big and you are not able to keep up with the repairs.

While some stress when moving is unavoidable, with 55+ Real Estate Services guiding you all the way, we guarantee that your next move will be as easy as possible. Our SRES agents have access to a network of resources to assist you with Downsizing, Rightsizing, moving, and choosing the right location for you!

We are here to improve your life and moving experience, alleviate stress for you and your family less stress, and do so in a way customized to your specific needs.

Our Services

At 55+ Real Estate Services, our agents and team of professionals provide valuable services to simplify the relocation process and transitioning from the family home with specialized packages for your individual needs. Some of the Relocation services and resources we offer include: 

  •  Planning/Organizing 
  • Movers – packers/unpack/setting up at your new home, storage 
  • Move Managers 
  • Housing Options – 55+ communities, new homes, assisted living, memory care 
  • Attorneys for Life Planning, POA, and WILLS 
  • Contractors for Repairs/Improvements 
  • Preparing Your Home for Sale 
  • Placement Agencies (if needed) 
  • Reverse Mortgage Resources  

We are highly knowledgeable of local 55+ housing and assisted living communities throughout Pierce County. We are making a difference and improving how 55 and older residents experience their move. Contact one of our Seniors Real Estate Specialists today!

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