Wire Fraud: How We Protect You

Wire fraud is a scary idea, and can leave you vulnerable to identity theft and loss of funds needed for your home purchase.

This is how it can happen:
– A hacker gains access to an email account (yours, your realtor’s, or an escrow officer’s)
– That hacker looks for clues that you’ll be receiving wire instructions.
– They send wire instructions that look legitimate, but actually would wire the funds to their personal account
– The consumer wires funds to the hacker, with no recourse

Here’s how we keep you safe:
– We ensure you have contact information for all involved parties
– We encourage open communication between agent, escrow officer, and client
– We maintain cyber insurance and protect all personal data to prevent any breach of your personal information

More information is available from Annie Fitzsimmons, Legal counsel for the Washington Realtors® Association. View this video to learn more:

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